Wednesday, February 17, 2010
E7 BBQ cancelled.

Dear friends,
Although there were some who wanted to attend, there was just too little people for a reunion party. So the BBQ is called off. Maybe end of this year, or maybe 6 years later, we could have another reunion. Honestly, i wasn't so optimistic about the BBQ because of all the things going on, but i've tried my best as an ex-vice-chairperson of E7. So we'll meet next time.

peace out,

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Friday, February 12, 2010

so yesterday, i sms-ed 20 odd ppl because i don't have everyone's phone numbers.
but the important part is that everyone who received the message (from their friends or me) should tell me by 15 feb whether they can make it or not, then i can go and book the pit.

anyway, you can contact me or camilia by our numbers in the previous post. (:


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Saturday, January 09, 2010
4E7 Class Gathering / BBQ


This is Hong Xiang here, blogging because it's important. :)

So....i kept seeing ex-E7-ners for the past few days, and the word class BBQ comes up.
Weird leh, because i'm seeing them like every other day consecutively.
Anyway, what i really wanna ask those who read the E7 blog is that....

Let's have a class BBQ or a chalet in late february!

The reason being that we have not had a proper class gathering since our school term ended back in 2007, and well, we've not seen a lot of our friends since then too.
Currently, this is open to suggestions that can be made on the tag board.
However, we should have it on a weekend, like 20/21 feb or 27/28 feb so that those who're working won't be affected.

so Camilia and I will be monitoring the responses on the tag board.
if you wish to contact us, you can do so at these numbers:
Camilia - 91521462
Hong Xiang - 93880856

I hope we get to see each other one last time, before we part our ways.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi 4e7'07 =D=D *Blows of the dust and cobwebs*

Cant believe i still rmb the username and password... ~wheee~

Thinking of maybe during the december holidays period...(where poly students and JC students... coincide) Maybe we could haf a class bbq to like bonding? Been a long time since we last met right? Afterall that period should be where most of u already finish 'A' lvls and for guys are waitin to go into NS... so maybe by that time... some of us can come together to discuss a bbq? If there is still frequent viewers coming from e7 maybe u all can come visit this blog later in the year. =D Hopefully this event can be a success? i dun really have much confidence in this so maybe more of us can organise this together =D

GUYS in JC MUST GET SILVER HORH.... if not later must go in 8 weeks earlier which MAY be december that period...

Hope to talk to you guyz as well... i'll be goin back on teacher's day mainly to see cai lao shi also

-Joel, a member of class 4e7'07 =D

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good day to one and all!

The blog is kinda dead. Only the tagboard is alive.

Anyway, TPJCians congratulations for surviving through your promos, bet you guys were cursing the school for making the exam come so early. Hope each and everyone of you did well and will be promoted to JC2.

For those in other JCs, all the best for your upcoming exams. Cram your brains with info and drain it all out on the exam paper but remember to take care of your health as well. So everyone, get your A's, get promoted and get out of JC.

See you people again soon! =)

With love

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Friday, August 29, 2008

I got the photo from ka ching camera le. NA

This is the class photo from my camera... erm kinda dark (ok la very dark... didnt know there is no flash) if i am not wrong other cameras with the class photos are ying ying's, eleen's and ka ching's. =D - Joel

~lazy to arrange~

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Happy Teacher's (or maybe E7) Day!


Ying Ying's here to share da photos! Mmm, though not a complete E7 photo ('coz some ain't around, including Mdm Mariam), i thought we rock 'coz just look at the numbers... HAHAHA! We got almost the whole class here lah... E7, keep rocking! x)

Enjoy the photos!

Photographer: Jessica (THANK YOU! HA HA!)



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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Haha, check out the earlier posts, and i bet that you can remember many things that we've done throughout sec3 and sec4.
I seriously miss(yes, just like how joel puts it) the retarded times in out class,
how we used to laugh at timothy,
how zhang yun used to collect our class fund,
how we had a goldfish in class which died and rot.

Now that we've gone seperate paths, it's tough to keep in touch with our friends, so please keep this blog alive. (:

Besides going back for cher's day(yes, that's how we used to put it), i wanna have a class gathering on Dec, preferbly towards the start.
So....i guess we should discuss this on the tagboard.

I wish we all meet in Uni or something like that someday.

~HX the Vice-chair.

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